Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tis' The Season!

It's time to follow Rudolph down to Blackie's Farm Fresh Produce to grab our personally crafted and best priced wreaths in town. We have also just received a huge shipment of trees from Machias, Maine.  ATTENTION: These trees need to be sold! The more we sell the fresher they get each shipment!

Notice: Sabattus Street is closed for the winter. Christmas day we will be closing at noon!

New offers: Blackie's will be offering 10% off of any purchase $15 or more.

**Employees will be dressed as elves December 23-25. If you would like to participate in this, post a picture to the Facebook page dressed as an elf. The craziest, goofiest photo will win a $40 dollar gift card to the store of their choice! Submit here!

Fall Update

Fall is in full swing and so is our amazing assortment of fall decorations. We have it all, corn stalks, pumpkins, hay bails and squash! You name it, Blackie's has it.  We also have everything you need for the freshest Thanksgiving dinners around town just swing by either one of the stands and pick up the best quality produce!

Reminder: Blackie has decided to cut one hour off of the summer schedule. We will now be closing at 7pm. Don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Up and coming: Christmas trees will begin to be sold the week after Thanksgiving. They will be sold at an astonishing $25 to $45 dollars. Pop in for the best deals on trees in the county.

Welcome to Blackie's!

Hello and welcome to the official Blackie's Farm Fresh Produce blog. For over Twenty-Eight years Blackie's has provided Androscoggin county with some of the tastiest, freshest produce right from the fields of Minot, Maine. Throughout those Twenty-Eight years one goal has been set for as long as our farm stand exists and that goal is customer satisfaction. Blackie has pounded this goal into his employees heads, "If the customer isn't happy, then no one is.".

Having a hard time finding the farm stand?
Our Address is 968 Minot Avenue, Auburn, Maine 04210 (Across the street from Backwoods snowboard and skateboard)
Alternate Location is 996 Sabattus Street, Lewiston Maine 04240 (Across from Pedro O'Hara's)
Store Hours
Spring to Summer: 6am- 8pm
Fall to Winter: 6am-7pm
Contact information
Phone: (207) 786-0005
Blackie's Farm Fresh Produce is open on every holiday for shorter amount of time. Call for more details.
Recipe for Corn (4 Simple Steps) 
1. Boil a pot of water
2. Wait until water is boiling
3. Place Ears of Corn in for 5 minutes
4. Take out and enjoy